Our History

La Conseillerie des Tonneliers was created by Madam Claude SIEGRIST in 1978 in Beaune right in the heart of Burgundy with the will to showcase beautiful wines from winemakers.

For more than 35 years, Clause and her son Yvan have been eager to partnerships with domains and castles throughout France in order to enable buyers from national purchasing center to select quality wines from exceptional terroirs.

Fascinated by the wealth and the diversity of our terroirs the SIEGRIST family and their team focus primarily on the notion of service: 

  • Being in the service of the winegrowers to advise and assist them developing both in terms of quality and commercial aspects...
  • Being in the service of the customers to promply meet their needs by offering new qualities, new domains...

Dear Winemakers, Domains and Casltes

  • We provide advice on a qualitative and marketing plan to you.

  • We are eager to find medium and long-term commercial solutions for you.

  • We develop new markets while respecting your current markets. 

  • We work with complete transparency on customer prospecting. 

Dear Customers

  • We taste bewteen 2.000 and 3.000 wines a year to present you the best values for money.

  • We propose you regularly new domains according to your needs

  • We centralize our whole range in our warehouse in Beaune with a single point of removal.

  • All the documents are dematerialized. 

  • We provide you with logical solutions accompanied by comprehensives order tracking for placement to delivery.

  • A sales force of representatives to mintor stores nationwide.

Those who trust us

  • Central purchasing offices for major retail chains in France, Belgium and export: Auchan/Carrefour/Monoprix/ Intermarché/Leclerc/Casino/Schievers/CORA...
  • Distribution centers in hostelry and restoration: Métro/France Boissons...

  • Distribution centers on internet : Ventes privées, C Discount...

  • Local restoration.

  • An activity as a wine merchant throught our Délicave cellar in the historic city center of Beaune.

Our Philosophy

Wine is a product of soil and discovery . Thanks to complete balance between man and nature, we are eager to respect this balance where each, winegrowers and customers, through our services, will be able to work together confidently.